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Mood Elevation with Provigil

In a number of tests done on healthy volunteers the scientists have been trying to establish what effect Provigil has on healthy
people. The age of those volunteers was from 30 years old to 45, and these studies have proven that Provigil improves mood and
increases the alertness. This is one of the reason why Provigil can be so effective for the treatment of depression in cases where
antidepressants don’t help.

Provigil is also known for its effects of improving cognitive memory, so that is why his medicine is often used by students during the
exams periods. It can also help to be focused on a given task for a long period of time and helps with concentration, remembering numbers and even even decision-making.




How Provigil should be taken?
The dosage has to be prescribed to you by a doctor, below are the dosages that are typically prescribed:

OSA ( obstructive sleep apnea) and Narcolepsy – 200 mg/day, once a day, in the morning ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)  – 100 to 300 mg/day dosage SWSD( shift work sleep disorder) – 200 mg/day, an hour before the start of the shift.

Does Provigil have a generic equivivalent?
Yes, the generic name of Provigil is Modafinil, that is also a main ingredient in branded medicine Provigil.

Can I take Provigil if I take other medications?
There are some medicines that can be affected by Provigil, therefore you’ll need to discuss this with a doctor.
You need to be specifically careful if you take any hormonal contraceptives, as Provigil is known to decrease their effects, so if you
are starting to take Provigil you might need to consider an alternative way of birth control.

Can it be used by an athlete?
Provigil is on a Prohibited Substances list, therefore it an athlete is being tested positive, theta can get disciplined.

What Provigil can be prescribed for?
Provigil is often prescribed for the sleep disorders treatment to fight the excessive sleepiness; it can be used by adults only.

Are there any warnings for those that take Provigil?
Provigil has an impact on the nervous system so it might effect motor skills, judgement or even thinking. Avoid alcohol and grapefruit
juice. Until you know how Provigil effects you, we suggest you avoid driving a car or doing any other potentially dangerous activity.



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